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F&B Homes

F&B Homes Welcomes You Home…

Austin’s Boutique
Residential Developer.

We are a boutique real estate development company in Austin, Texas focused on building ground up, new construction, luxury spec homes located in coveted and established neighborhoods in close proximity to downtown Austin. We are both the developer and the builder, which means we can pivot quickly in terms of cost and scope against an ever changing and rapidly expanding Austin skyline.

We Build Forever Homes.

Inspired design, solid construction, timeless finishes, and functional floor plans are the foundation of our constant mission:  to deliver quality single-family projects on time and on budget.

Simply put, we are driven to build forever homes for our buyers while driving profit for our investors.

The word home has so many meanings, most of which are grounded in emotion. It’s a place where we live, love, belong, inspire, gather, commune, relax, reset, entertain, and in today’s world, often learn and work. A home must satisfy endless needs while catering to specific wants all while creating a sense of serenity in hectic, fast-paced world. 

Carefully Curated.

From start to finish, each of our projects is thoughtfully curated to offer the right balance of form and function. In the thousands of decisions that go into each project, we carefully consider each to ensure the end result is optimal for both our buyers and our investors.

Our logo is an oak tree which is a symbol of Austin, but it’s also a representation of our homes – strong, solid and well built. It’s also emblematic of our relationships with our investors – grounded and enduring.

Please take a few minutes to get to know us and our projects on the following pages. Grab a cup of coffee and stay a while. Our door is open to you.